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3D printed prototypes

3D print prototypes out of Nylon, ABS or PLA. Stain the polymer prototypes black, grey, blue, red, pink, purple, green or yellow. Consider using the prototype to make moulds for casting, and cast a batch from metal or resin.


3D printing the product From US$400
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Electrical Connector Prototype
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Trailer electrical coupler 3D printed
prototype (sintered nylon)

Medical Device Prototype
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Nosee Blowsee 3D printed
prototype (sintered nylon)

Marker Prototype
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Golf ball marker 3D printed
prototype (stained, sintered nylon)

Safety Tool Printed Prototype
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Hand saver sling 3D printed
prototype (sintered nylon)

Mechanical Detector Prototype
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Water pipeline automation system 3D printed prototype (sintered nylon)

Mechanical Toy Prototype
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Hattrix cricket hat 3D printed prototype (sintered nylon)

Stackable Tray Prototype
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Stackable Ice Tray 3D printed prototype (sintered nylon)

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