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Prototyping and image costs


Full House Prototyping Package:
  • Concept sketches (up to 3)
  • Creating 3D CAD model
  • Generating photorealistic image of the product, with standard background (x2)
  • 3D printing a prototype (size may be limited by budget)

Website images:

Creating a website banner from available images US$150
Generating a photorealistic render of 3D image US$200

Other images / drawings:

Drawing concept sketch (per concept) US$150
Creating 3D CAD image from 3D CAD model US$75
Creating exploded image from 3D CAD model US$100
Generating rendered image from 3D CAD model US$125
Creating standard background for image US$100
Drafting a set of patent drawings (up to 6 figures) US$250
Drafting a set of design drawings (up to 7 views) US$200
Converting CAD generated design drawings based on US Patent Office rules US$125

3D / DWG models:

Creating 3D CAD model to generate an image US$300


Creating photorealistic marketing poster (requires 3D CAD model) US$300
Creating photorealistic poster either showcasing or explaining the product (requires 3D CAD model) US$300
Adding an environment US$250


Creating board game layout US$300
Arranging card layout US$150
Fashioning novel figurine (each) US$200
Designing novel playing pieces (each) US$150

3D Printing:

3D printing a product (may require scaling) US$400


Taking a rotating photo‐set of a product / 3D printed prototype US$150
Creating animation of a product (requires 3D CAD model) US$300
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