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3D CAD Model

Create a 3D CAD model for you product. From this, you can:

  • generate rendered images of you product;
  • generate exploded views of your product;
  • generate photorealistic posters for your product; and
  • 3D print a prototype of your product.


Creating 3D CAD model US$300
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Featured Work

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Stamp marker CAD
Logo for Pages

A device for
marking golf balls with a stamp

Stackable Tray CAD
Logo for Pages

Stackable ice tray
that cascade water into lower trays

Hygiene Groom CAD
Logo for Pages

Finger Razor ‐ for the manicured male

Medical Device CAD
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Nowsee Blowsee ‐ a whistle that
teaches toddlers how to blow their noses

Electrical Connector CAD
Logo for Pages

Electrical connector for trailers
designed to prevent decoupling when traveling on gravel roads

Mechanical Detector CAD
Logo for Pages

Water pipeline automation system
that detects and marks coating defects

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